I've been a freelance Wedding Photographer for 12 years since my graduation in Fine Art Photography in 2002. Since then I've has seen many changes to the industry. Prices have plummeted, cameras have changed indescribably, websites are now built to show your photos in minutes. However, some things remain true throughout. Brides are glowing, grooms are charming, parents are giving and emotional.

The Photographer is somewhat of a gamble. Who knows if they'll be 'in your face' all day? Who knows if they'll actually get the shots you wish for?

I've responded to the drop in prices, I'll take shots all day and do the retouching for £700. For this you'll get a CD of all the images I take (usually 300-400) and I'll print 25 of the best @ 7"x5" and put them in a nice, simple, hardback album. If you want extras such as handmade albums, web folios, large canvas prints or just adhoc extras, they'll be at very reasonable costs. I know you can take the CD anywhere (you'll own the images outright), I just offer my experience with the trusted suppliers I've used for several years.

Fundamentally I find couples who are to be married want a few essential things from their Wedding Photographer:

  • A style of photography they love.
  • Unobtrusive candid shots to capture peoples personalities without stiffness.
  • An easygoing friendly-natured approach to the formal shots without too much work from the guests.
  • Trustworthiness to deliver professional, inspiring and flattering images.

Please take a look over my portfolio, If you like the style, book me, I'll guarantee everything else.

A Wedding Photo